Occupation: Technology Consultants

LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
AttendanceCommute to office daily
EmployerZivra Technologies Co LTD
TypeFull Time
Posted on01/25/2024

Job description

Required 4 years hands-on experience in the field of installing, testing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining extra-low voltage systems. Must know Cat 6 and Fiber optic cables splicing terminations and testing with fluke cable analyzers.

Data Systems/Telephone/WiFi

CCTV/Access Control System

MATV (Video Screens)

Intercom (ECP Emergency call point)


- Check ELV systems, identify malfunction, trouble shoot and take appropriate action for the rectification of system and equipment.

- Detailed Knowledge and experience of Operations and Maintenance of ELV system’s components

Job qualifiers

1-3 years
Civil Engineering
Building and Construction