Occupation: Solution Architects

TitleDevOps Coach
LocationDallas, United States
AttendanceA hybrid of office attendance and working remotely
EmployerTec One IT LLC
TypeFull Time
Posted on01/17/2024

Job description


Some of the things that you might expect to do here:

• Coach teams in our immersive dojo / coaching space (the American Airlines “Hangar”)

• Serve as a go-to expert on modern technology, architecture, engineering, and DevOps practices

• Work with technical teams and leadership to influence and support the engineering culture at American Airlines

• Collaborate with product teams on reaching the next level of customer delivery

• Be a mentor and get hands-on with software teams including engineers, architects and other coaches on learning and applying new ways to solve problems

• Lead large pairing / mobbing sessions to maximize learning while narrowing focus

• Design and develop facilitator-led materials related to modern engineering practices or ways of working

• Bring your real-world software engineering experience to the enablement organization to help build a viable community of technical coaches and practitioners throughout the enterprise

• Embed with teams to learn their environment and behaviors as a precursor to designing impactful coaching interventions

• Develop and implement coaching and learning interventions for software engineers, architects, and technical leadership

• Exemplify and demonstrate preferred team behaviors, and embody the desired culture. That means it’s important also to professionally address undesirable behaviors if they should arise

• Work across multiple teams and product groups to identify opportunities for improvement

• Collaborate with leadership to influence technology direction across products based on observations from the coaching space.

• Advocate for and contribute to the continued development of a developer experience platform that removes organization friction from the continuous delivery of value.

In this role, you will spend much of your time mentoring and coaching, however often that will occur through hands-on activities; pairing-in or mobbing with teams, and “demonstration through doing”. We expect all technologists to write and deploy code daily, regardless of level.


• Demonstrated expertise in multiple programming languages

• 5+ years supporting high performing Agile / DevOps teams

• Past experience in a technical coaching capacity

• Mastery of Test-Driven Development (TDD)

• Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

• Expertise in Agile methodologies like Extreme Programming, Kanban, or Scrum

• Working experience deploying and supporting business-critical, Internet scale distributed systems or high-volume client/server systems

• Ability to scrutinize provided architectures and suggest optimizations for deployment and minimizing the cost of change


• Experience building continuous integration/deployment pipelines

• Experience with any of the following:

• The Testing Pyramid and how to effectively apply it

– Multi-threading and concurrency

– Debugging, performance profiling and optimization

– Object-oriented and service-oriented application development patterns

• Adept and comfortable communicating with team members and external business stakeholders of all levels

• Demonstrated ability to find creative ways of improving and simplifying solutions, systems, and processes without getting bogged down in blockers or bottlenecks

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields or equivalent experience


If you feel there are materials beyond your application and resume that demonstrate your skills, we would love to see them. For example, GitHub repositories, solutions to problems you are particularly proud of, or any other achievement you are proud of. Submit additional information by uploading “Supporting Documentation” or by adding that information to your resume

Job qualifiers

More than 10 years